Let's be clear what we are against

Let's be clear what we are against.

My generation had nothing to do with World War II. I came after that. But by the time I was in school my teachers were so scared by what they had experienced that they were silent and I never heard the ideologies of the enemy, only their results. It was not until later in life, through reading on my own, that I discovered the actual assertions and arguments of the Nazis.

People behave what they believe. If actual Nazi beliefs are not critiqued, then the only thing that comes through the pages of history (especially to young, impressionable minds) is a projection of power and propaganda.

Nazis have a specific agenda. The alt-right is not conservative, in fact they call conservatives “cucks” or “cuckservatives.” Make no mistake, these are neo-nazis and as nazis their agenda is to deceive so that they can legitimize their own movement. Therefore, they misnamed the rally in Charlottesville “Unite the Right.” It was really “unite the white,” because no conservatives, politically right-of-center blacks or immigrants were welcome.


Organizers of the event included white supremacist leaders; KKK members (including a former Grand Wizard—and this is not Harry Potter or Tolkien stuff); Nazi State supporters; members of violent-action groups; and a general conglomeration of assorted racists.

One organizer of “Unite the Right” was Jason Kessler, founder of Unity & Security for America. The organization’s website states, “Unity & Security for America takes an America First approach to defending Western Civilization including its history, culture, principles and peoples.” Wow! If the “west” is “civilized,” that’s news to anyone who has ever read the history of western civilization! As a Christian why would I stand for that, instead of standing against it and FOR the word of God, the Spirit of God, and the people of God?

We must be clear what we are against. Those involved in this rally say that they need to “preserve history” from “Marxist revisionism” and the “war on whites” because, according to them, the Jews escaped Nazi Germany in order to “erode Western values”. It is clear now the event was promoted by its organizers as a planned incitement of violence against minorities, and against whites who believe in civil rights. Or as they said, “Final Stop: Auschwitz.”

Let us be clear what we are against. Because the rally was such a failure, some want to say it was a “media-created false flag” funded by George Soros or somebody else, and that actors were hired to impersonate the alt-right.

Nope. Watch the video of the car storming through the street and killing Heather Heyer; it was no act. The rally was white supremacist from the outset, and these were legit adherents, which is why there were so many thousands of them there. That’s why swastikas and stars and bars outnumbered the American flag ten to one. And in this instance, the Confederate flag was being used as a forward-looking symbol of a New Confederacy, not as a worn-out and defeated historic relic of the past.

Think critically believer, more than ever we must be clear of what we are against.


Think critically believer, more than ever we must be clear of what we are against. These people speak in code words, just like any cult group. They are not “pro-culture” or “pro-Christian principles.” They are not even Christians, they only admire Christendom. The reason they admire Christendom is for the culture of paganism brought into Christianity by the imperial church after Constantine. It is their Satanic haughtiness and demonic world view that leads them to be “pro-western history” and “pro-peoples,” meaning white europeans only (as if we were the “civilized” ones and somehow less sinners than anyone else!).

So, in response we read that GoDaddy, and then Google, cancelled the domain registration of the white supremacist news site, The Daily Stormer, after its editor described the murder of Charlottesville counter-protester Heather Heyer with these vile words:

  • “Woman killed in road rage incident was a fat, childless 32-year-old slut.”
  • Among the “Five Facts You Need to Know” were, “She was fat and a drain on society.”
  • “Despite feigned outrage by the media, most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness. A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value.”
  • According to the Stormer, the only reason Heyer was hit by the speeding car was because she was “too fat” to get out of the way.
  • According to the Stormer, her Facebook profile picture “indicates that even at 32 years of age, she was still trying to get anonymous men” to have sex with her.

And just before Facebook could delete the Daily Stormer post, this particular article had over 300,000 “likes!”

That is why we must be clear what we are against. It is not just because one of the “unite the white” organizers mocks and libels a murdered woman. It is because nazi movements have a specific agenda, where any white woman of childbearing age who is not married and not producing white children is a drain on society. And this is how they treat “their own people,” someone who is white! Their hatred becomes exponentially more profound towards those who are unlike them.

All Christian people should want to oppose them.

These marches, rallies, events and people must be opposed. All Christian people should want to oppose them. We learn from history exactly what will happen if they find their way into positions of power. As a Christian, would I personally oppose them with violence? No, except in self-defense, but certainly I would counter-protest their movement, because they must be opposed. There is a difference between “taking a stand” and “speaking out,” and at this moment I can sway more minds and hearts by speaking out and giving clarity to what we are against.

This is not about politics. It is a given that at any march or rally related to social justice there will be anarchists present to stir the pot. As law enforcement reported in Charlottesville, it was clear both sides came to rumble and would not be kept apart. The “anti-fascist” anarchist groups cause whites to link Black Lives Matter with violence, and cause blacks and whites alike to assign moral equivalence to nazis and their counter-protesters.


If you stand with these groups and this event, then go on with you. All Bible-loving people should stand against you.

Do not be deceived. We must be clear what we are against. This is Satan’s conspiracy and his hidden agenda! If you stand with these groups and this event, then go on with you. All Bible-loving people should stand against you.

This is not about statues, monuments and flags. This is not a southern-ism thing. Our democracy is a lot wider than when the two white armies agreed, after reconstruction, that the heroic soldiers of both sides would be the heroes of the reunited nation. That decision was wise for the union, but was made without any recognition of the just need to consult those who had been freed.

The matter of memorializing the Civil War is not the matter at all but rather what it truly means to stand for Christian principles in a country plagued by confusion.

We must be clear what we are against. Because the question should not be to look back to our grandparents in deciding what flags fly or statues stand, but forward to our grandchildren in terms of who and what ideas we want them to honor. It is not a matter of denial or revisionist history at all, it is impossible for any Christian to miss that a war resulting in 640,000 deaths was God's judgment for our national sin of racist man-stealing, and the intransigent defense of it. The matter of memorializing the Civil War is not the matter at all but rather what it truly means to stand for Christian principles in a country plagued by confusion.


Our sins and mistakes are ones we come by naturally. After all, Americans are the new Romans, a people born in rebellion—a rebellion devoted to living free to pursue happiness. Happiness was our declared goal and freedom the means by which to receive it. This is why politics is now and forever busted. Its prime goal is not righteousness, but expanded security horizons so we neo-Romans can pursue materialism and convenience and find “true happiness”.

We must first know what we are for, but we must also be clear what we are against.

Now more than ever, whatever Christian assesses their ideologies and discovers they are a partisan in politics, must instead choose to rededicate their lives to evangelism, discipleship and the mission. God has an eternal purpose that will put political partiality to shame. God takes care of babies and fools, but we are neither. We must know what we are for, but we must also be clear what we are against. The only “sheeple” are those who do not have the divine king and are not prioritizing their own work for his kingdom.

Regardless of popular perception our ambitions must not be Christendom, a kingdom of Heaven on earth, but rather we bring the kingdom of God to hearts. The events going on in our world are serious, but they are not more serious than the work of the cross! We need to know the truth about these troublesome events and be stirred by them, but only so that we do not get sidetracked from the true endeavor.  Brothers and sisters, if we get sidetracked and do not give people the hope of the gospel, we are of all men most miserable.

Alan Shelby is the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, a Living Faith Fellowship church in Blue Springs, MO. Alan Shelby is also dean of the Living Faith Bible Institute.