The Certainty Conference is the annual biblical doctrine conference of the Living Faith Fellowship / Sept 23-26th, 2018 / First Baptist Church of New Philadelphia, OH.

This year’s subject was the The Preservation of Scripture. The material covered both internal and external evidence defending a faith-based view of how God has supernaturally preserved His holy word for us today as English-speaking people. The morning sessions will also serve as a portion of the Manuscript Evidence class for the Living Faith Bible Institute /

With sound biblical exposition, this conference will help you know the “certainty of the words of truth."

The Bible is God’s declaratory revelation to man containing the great truths about God, about man, about history, about salvation, and about prophecy that God wanted us to know. The Bible could be trusted just as much as if God had taken the pen and written the words Himself.
— John F. Walvoord, Pastor & Theologian

Certainty Conference / Preservation of scripture

First Baptist church

878 Commercial Ave SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663

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guest SPEAKERs: 

MARK TROTTER, One Baptist Church - Douglasville, GA


Alan Shelby, Harvest Baptist Church - Blue Springs, MO


Brett Bartlett, Wyldewood Baptist Church - Toledo, OH


All sessions were recorded at First Baptist Church of New Philadelphia. Subscribe on YouTube.

Conference launch: The Doctrine of Preservation

Jeff Bartell / Sunday AM handout

EVENING SESSION 2018 / Preservation of Scripture

Morning Session 2018 / Evidence for preservation

Internal Evidence / Brett Bartlett

External Evidence / Alan Shelby

Evening Session 2017 / The Judgment Seat of Christ

Morning Session 2017 / a Biblical Eschatology