We are thankful for your interest in Living Faith Fellowship

The primary goal of Living Faith Fellowship is to envision and impart truth to one another in areas of Biblical Discipleship, a biblical philosophy of missions and deeper biblical training. We are connected by a common mission and are dedicated to working together wherever possible.

Living Faith Fellowship is not a governmental body with bureaucratic leadership structures and regulations. We are a peer-network of churches that respects the autonomy of each local church to envision their people in a way that fits their community and in response to their ministry needs.

Before you consider whether or not Living Faith Fellowship is a right fit for you or your church, please consider our fellowship distinctives and doctrinal positions. We highly recommend attending a Living Faith Fellowship conference to best determine if our goals and perspectives are shared.

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We are churches who have identified one another as holding the same values, vision and view of scripture.

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We are churches who have faith in God's mission, and so we live surrendered to a biblical vision for ministry.