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The Christian marketplace is cluttered with devotional materials, commentaries and self-help books, very few of which take a faith-based position on God’s word and are impossible to sift through. Living Faith Books is a publishing resource that is committed to providing edifying and useful, bible-centered literature for growing believers at every stage of their walk. We invite you to check out the most recent additions to our collection…


52 Weeks of Pursuit Vol. 1

By Mark G. Trotter

The first in Pastor Mark Trotter’s two volume set, this book is an in-depth weekly guide from Genesis through Psalm 89 containing doctrinal insight that will inspire and challenge you in your faith. 52 Weeks will benefit the new bible student as well as the bible scholar. A perfect companion for any church, small group or individual that desires to cultivate a pursuit of God through the pages of His word.

52 Weeks of Pursuit Vol. 2

By Mark G. Trotter

The second volume in Pastor Mark Trotter’s two volume set, this book is an in-depth weekly guide from Psalm 90 through Revelation

Releases in June. Pre-order now!


Leadership from Genesis to revelation


Church Age believers are called to lead in the dark. Just as the moon reflects the sun, we ought to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ in a world lost in darkness.

Not your typical leadership book, this resource is a devotional for God’s leaders. It gives practical insight into principles of bible leadership at many levels. Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, teacher, director, coach, employer, husband, parent, discipler or a growing Christian, there is one question for you to consider: will you block the Light or will you reveal it?

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The mission of Living Faith Books is to assist in the reproduction and transmission of faith-based, bible-centered literature through supporting, envisioning and empowering authors.