A Reasonable Spectrum of Fellowship Concerning the English Bible


A Faith Based View

Since its inception, the accepted nomenclature concerning the English Bible for the Living Faith Fellowship has been one of a “faith-based view of preservation.” We feel it is important to clarify this, so there is no confusion about what it means.

A faith-based view of preservation is not the position of our fellowship. It is, rather, our reasoning which leads us to the position that the Authorized King James Bible is our absolute authority. We understand that even with people who would agree with the aforementioned sentiment, there are varying perspectives of its implications, both technically and practically. For the purposes of locking arms in our phalanx, we feel it is prudent to acknowledge that these nuances should be defined by local church pastors for the purposes of their respective assemblies. As to not break faith with these good men and this fitting compact, wisdom would dictate we outline the acceptable boundaries of what submits to this understanding.

At one end of the line, the farthest we could possibly stretch this position would be the agreement that the Authorized King James Bible is God’s superintended translation for English speaking peoples without proven error. At the other end, we acknowledge that many King James advocates see it as something more; God’s perfectly preserved words in the order that He desired them as a uniquely canonized manifestation in regards to any language at anytime.

On either end, and all those who would commit to holding the line in between, we understand that a “faith-based view of preservation” means we do not begin the search for God’s words with naturalistic and skeptical means working back through time and lines of manuscripts into a position on a version of the Bible. Rather, we begin with faith in the Bible itself, that God, as promised, gave us the ability to carry out His command to live by every word of God in granting access to them in our language in a specific ordering of syntax, in a Book.

For the Living Faith Fellowship, that Book is the monarch of all books, the Lion of the Philadelphian Age, the Authorized King James Bible.

Dr. Billy V. Bartlett
On behalf of the Living Faith Fellowship